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Evaluate and Accelerate

There are many challenging requirements within a Title I school. Each year, schools are asked to reimagine what their federal programs look like by recreating a vision for the school, analyzing data, setting measurable goals, and holding program evaluations. A large amount of time is dedicated towards each of these requirements, such as community and parent involvement, teacher input and collaboration, interpreting and analyzing data, successful implementation of multiple interventions, professional development, etc. At Bayless Elementary School, we have successfully met the federal program requirements in innovative ways. This session will detail the successful implementation and evaluation of Title I schools at the elementary level. Participants will walk away with strategies to renew their approach and reimagine their own successful Title I program.

This talk was presented at:
2022 National ESEA Conference
February 2022 in New Orleans, LA
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Kelly Klocke

Kelly Klocke is the Federal Programs Coordinator in a Title I school with a diverse student population. She ensures equitable services to marginalized groups, using diversity as a strength. Working with Title I and III, Kelly considers compliance her middle name.



Michelle Duke

Michelle Duke is a Reading Specialist at Bayless Elementary. Michelle is responsible for the evaluation and implementation of literacy intervention to struggling readers. She also collaborates with teachers to plan effective classroom instruction. 

Chel'Lee Whitten

Chel’Lee Whitten is an Assistant Principal at Bayless Elementary. Chel’Lee is responsible for ensuring programs are effective for student success. She has collaborated with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to create assessments and learning resources for students.