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Entrepreneurship Education: The New Education Frontier

We’re living with a generation of lost Einsteins - at least, that’s what research coins them. Many students do not actualize their innovation tendencies due purely to lack of exposure. For many students, the words “entrepreneurship” or “invention” or “intellectual property” simply aren’t entered into their vocabulary during their academic years. This is alarming when we consider that the future of work depends on creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial students. In this session, we’ll explore the next frontier of education: entrepreneurship education. A dynamic vessel of experiential education, entrepreneurship levels the playing field for all learners and provides dynamic, real-world context to any subject area or grade level. We’ll explore the foundation of eship edu, its infusion in STEM subjects, and its influence on student engagement and academic enrichment with tangible takeaways and resources. Heck, you might leave with a side hustle yourself.

This talk was presented at:
2021 National ESEA Conference
February 2021 in Cyberspace
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Amber Ravenscroft

Amber has spoken at EntreEd Forum and the National Association for Community College Eship, co-hosted the EntreEd Talk podcast for its first 58 episodes, served as a guest speaker for InBIA, USASBE, and UPenn webinars, and earned her M.S.Ed. in eship edu from UPenn in 2019.