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Elevating Achievement & Equity for English Learners through Engaging Families

This presentation will provide attendees the opportunity to experience a suite of web-based engagement resources accessible through The website is designed to serve Texas educators and families of English learners. As educators adapted to a new normal of engaging virtually and/or face-to-face with families of English learners, Texas’ EL Support Division made it a priority to provide resources for identifying targeted needs of the EL families. Attendees will engage in small groups as they explore a four-phase planning tool, informative one-pagers, and the English Learner web portal as they reflect on methods they can implement to support families of ELs. The resources are intended to support educators of all levels to elevate equity and achievement for ELs through meaningful engagement of families.

This talk was presented at:
2022 National ESEA Conference
February 2022 in New Orleans, LA
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Rickey Santellana

I serve as the Title III, Part A State Coordinator who provides federal guidance and supports to LEAs on Title III parent, family, and community engagement requirements. I have served as the lead on the suite of engagement resource projects since 2018.

Julie Lara

As the director of the TEA EL Support Division, I oversee guidance and resources developed to increase and strengthen engagement opportunities for families of ELs. I am currently initiating a multilingual outreach project to address awareness to multilingual families across Texas to connect families to schools and community resources.