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Creating Strengths-Based Cultures of Learning and Growth

This session will use a case example to explore a set of specific leadership practices that foster a strengths-based culture of instructional improvement among teachers and a strengths-based approach to developing students as readers. While our session will focus on how leaders can support all teachers in their growth, we will place a specific emphasis on support for the growth of teachers responsible for some of the most vulnerable student populations. The session will highlight:

1. Strengths-based, formative teacher and student observation techniques.

2. Strategies for communicating clear, focused strengths-based expectations for and with teachers as they learn, collaborate, and improve together.

This session will include brief conceptual framing, an illustrative case example, practice opportunities with video, and opportunities to practice crafting communications to staff.


Tuesday, February 4: Joanna Michelson will be signing copies of her book outside room A308, beginning at 2:30pm.

This talk was presented at:
2020 National ESEA Conference
February 2020 in Atlanta, GA
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Joanna Michelson

Joanna directs CEL's leading for teacher learning, teacher learning, and coach learning lines of service. She has worked with systems of all sizes across the country in the development of professional learning for teachers as an important lever in the creation of schools that serve all students well. She is co-author of Leading for Professional Learning: What Successful Principals do to Support Teaching Practice. Prior to work at CEL, Joanna was a middle school teacher and school and district based coach. She holds a PhD in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies with a focus on coach learning and development.

Stacy Thomas

Dr. Stacy Thomas is the executive director of teaching and learning for Blaine School District, and prior to that served as a building-level administrator and elementary teacher. In 2015, she completed a doctorate in education and Washington State Superintendent Certificate through the University of Washington Leadership for Learning program. Stacy is passionate about creating powerful learning opportunities for all students through ongoing improvement of instruction and leadership. She is most interested in getting smarter about how leaders at the central office level develop and support the instructional leadership of principals and teacher leaders.