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Conversation on ESSA Requirements at the Federal Level for Parent, Family, and Community Engagement for the Parents and Families of Multilingual Learners
With the passage of ESSA and its replacement of NCLB, the writers of the law moved the responsibility for how federal requirements are implemented from the federal level to the state level. Things like the NCLB federal Highly Qualified Teacher requirements were replaced with requirements for teachers to meet State Certification and Licensure. The only area where the opposite of this took place, where there were additional requirements at the federal level added to the law, is in the area of parent and family engagement. This presentation will cover the changes in those requirements with a focus on parent, family, and community engagement for the parents and families of multilingual learners (MLs). Dr. David Holbrook, NAELPA Executive Director, will provide a 15 minute presentation to introduce the topic, which will be followed by a panel discussion related to best practices for implementing the increased Parent, Family, and Community Engagement requirements in ESSA.


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This talk was presented at:
December 2022 Webinar
December 2022 in Cyberspace
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David Holbrook -, Nicole Leach -, Rickey Santellana -, Merica Clinkenbeard -
David Holbrook

Dr. Holbrook has nearly 6 years of experience in Wyoming as Federal Programs Division Director, Title I & Title III Director. He helped districts understand and implement EL programs and services. He was trained by the US Dept of Ed (USED) and assisted in the monitoring of Title III in five states.

Rickey Santellana

I serve as the Title III, Part A State Coordinator who provides federal guidance and supports to LEAs on Title III parent, family, and community engagement requirements. I have served as the lead on the suite of engagement resource projects since 2018.

Merica Clinkenbeard

Merica Clinkenbeard is currently the Director of English Language Development for Springfield Public Schools, in Springfield, Missouri. She is knowledgeable in compliance, instructional strategies, professional learning, and contributes valuable connections within the field. Merica’s passion is helping teachers of English learners become leaders in their profession. Her research focuses on professional learning that helps promote language proficiency within the content. Merica has over 20 years of experience in the educational field and has always been a proponent of language. She serves as the professional learning committee co-chair and LEA board representative for the National Association of English Learner Administrators (NAELPA). She is a certified K-12 Spanish and ESL and has her M.A. in Education and an Ed.D. in Instructional Leadership.

Nicole Leach

Nicole Leach has over seventeen years of experience working within the EL field in Indiana. Her first focus was primarily secondary teaching until she began working as the EL and Dual Language Specialist at the Indiana Department of Education. During her time at IDOE, Nicole also served as a senior federal grant specialist working with Title I and Title II. Her work with Title III and Title I led her to advocate for increased family engagement in schools. In 2021, Nicole received the NNELL Award for Outstanding Support of Early Second Language Learning. Recently, Nicole has returned to the district level from the SEA level and is a doctoral candidate in educational leadership at Indiana University.