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Considerations for Newly-identified CSI Schools, and Resetting Perennial CSI Schools
There are many ways to successfully improve a school. Unfortunately, the optimism that exists when planning for school improvement each spring or summer sometimes transitions to survival over the course of a school year. Often, new challenges or threats slow the rate of growth or threaten the improvement from happening as designed.

Using the practices within the Four Domains for Rapid School Improvement, school leaders can proactively anticipate threats and increase the likelihood that their plans stay on track. In this session, we will explore some of the threats that have stalled school improvement plans, and recommended strategies for responding to potential threats.

It is our hope that this awareness will draw renewed attention to potential blind spots within newly-identified CSI schools and/or help to reset perennial CSI schools.
This talk was presented at:
NAESPA Fall Webinar Series
October 2022 in Cyberspace
For more information:
Terrence Hofer

Dr. Terry Hofer from the Center on School Turnaround and Improvement is Director of School & District Services at WestEd. Terry has partnered with schools, districts and state education agencies to provide leadership coaching and coordinated school improvement services designed to foster successful school transformation journeys. In addition to these engagements, Terry has contributed to the work of the Center on School Turnaround, Center on Education Equity, Mid-Atlantic Comprehensive Center, REL Northeast, and the Region 2 Comprehensive Center. Currently, Terry is working with several SEAs committed to a culture of support using process data aligned to the Four Domains for Rapid School Improvement.