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Can Student Performance Assessments Accurately Measure Teacher Effectiveness?

In this era of evaluating a teacher’s effectiveness, the question is still, “How do we measure student achievement within the non-tested teacher’s classroom?” Evaluation of teachers must show evidence of student achievement, as described by ESSA. Using Arizona’s Student Learning Objective Process (SLOs), school leaders now have multiple measures to accurately differentiate performance, provide useful feedback, and use evaluation results to improve teaching. This workshop will highlight how Arizona has developed authentic, rigorous student performance assessments especially geared to Fine Arts Teachers. Participants will experience the ease of measuring student growth by scoring student choreographic work and practicing with the state developed data template. Valuable lessons learned in implementation of using the SLO process to set student growth and achievement goals will be shared along with Fine Arts rubrics and assessments.

This talk was presented at:
2019 National ESEA Conference
February 2019 in Kansas City, MO
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Virginia Stodola

Virginia Stodola, retired Project Manager for the Arizona Department of Education’s implementation of Student Learning Objectives (SLOs), is now an educational consultant supporting districts and charters moving towards performance assessments to measure effective instruction within teacher evaluations.

Dustin Loehr

Dustin Loehr is the Director of Arts Education for the Arizona Department of Education. As a passionate advocate for the Arts, he leads an interdisciplinary team of content specialists, who work intimately with Title I communities collaborating with educators, schools, community members, and policymakers to ensure every child receives a well-rounded education.