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Applying and Extending STEM Language for English Learners

How can I support multilingual students with acquisition and application of STEM language and vocabulary? How can I support English Language Learners in engaging in classroom discourse in STEM subjects? This session will provide leaders in teaching and learning with an overview of the research base and an opportunity to practice with key instructional strategies to support students in expressing STEM understandings by leveraging the NGSS and CCSS ELA standards. Participants will experience a language focused STEM activity and apply strategies for language acquisition. There will be a focus on science based vocabulary, classroom discourse and written responses to STEM learning.

This talk was presented at:
2020 National ESEA Conference
February 2020 in Atlanta, GA
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Effie Triol

Effie provides professional development, collaborating with regional educators K-12 in all areas of literacy. Effie has supported teachers to enhance their instructional practice for the past 13 years as coach, trainer or specialist in various capacities, including the foundational skills of literacy, English language development and implementation of multi-tiered systems of support. Effie also provides program development and school improvement, working closely with the Fellows teacher leadership program, Title I/LAP Directors, Literacy Leaders Network, and regional Bilingual/ELL Directors. She has presented at statewide conferences including Washington State Bilingual Association (WABE) and Starting Strong P-3.

Vickei Hrdina

Vickei began her career as an archaeologist and worked for more than a decade as an education program manager with the Field Museum in Chicago, translating field research directly into classroom instruction and coaching teachers on using authentic science and engineering practices with students. Vickei went on to develop a statewide integrated STEM curriculum based in archaeology and cultural anthropology with the University of Nevada Las Vegas and 19 Native American tribal organizations before continuing on to complete her teaching credentials, and eventually teach middle school STEM in Chicago and Northwest Indiana. She holds a B.A. and an M.A. in Educational Anthropology, and teaching endorsements in elementary, middle level science and CTE. In 2014, Vickei joined ESD112 as Regional Science Coordinator, took on the STEM Director position in 2017 and has helped to grow the STEM program in that region ever since. Vickei has recently presented at Infant and Early Childhood Conference and NSTA.