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"AP Not IEP: Celebrating the Liberty to Learn"

"AP Not IEP: Celebrating the Liberty to Learn" is a direct challenge to the pervading philosophy found in most Title I sites. We talk about rigor and relevance, but seldom consider how deeply entrenched we are in the mire of remediation. Poor kids don't need to be FIXED. They need to be ENRICHED. To create a revolution in the Title I world, one must consider a radical shift from “IEP to AP”. Drawing on research and experience, she examines the worrisome research on the state of AP, Honors, and Challenging coursework found not just in Title I schools, but across the country and contrast it with the enormous amount of time and attention given to failing students. Using the gold standard of the Rosenthal and Jacobson studies on expectations and self-fulfilling prophecies, she will then direct the discussion toward ways to move Curriculum and Instruction in a fresh direction, toward a paradigm in which every student is potentially gifted, not probably delayed.

This talk was presented at:
National Title I Conference
February 2018 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Linda Bone

Dr. Bone is a best-selling author and frequent speaker on topics of social justice, educational equity, and brain-friendly instruction and assessment. Her latest book is "Rich Brain, Poor Brain". She is a first generation college graduate with first hand experience in the "AP Not IEP " challenge.