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Addressing the Elephant in the Room: Meeting Social/Emotional Needs of Children in Poverty

Many schools today are working to address the social/emotional needs of the students they serve. Whether it be dealing with a traumatic experience, an emotional disorder or a mental disability, schools are struggling with how to meet these social-emotional needs and provide adequate instruction all under one roof. When you add a low-socioeconomic community with high transiency and a considerable amount of homeless students, this task can seem nearly impossible. With the help and support of our school district (Fayette Co./Lexington, KY) and a strong collaboration with local providers, we are seeing students (and families) moving toward emotional health and well-being, allowing them the mental capacity to grow academically.

This talk was presented at:
2019 National ESEA Conference
February 2019 in Kansas City, MO
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Jessica Davis

Jessica Davis (MSW) has both school and clinical experience in working with students with mental health and social/emotional disabilities.

Mackenzie Leachman

Dr. Leachman has presented at both regional and state conferences on dealing with students with trauma and many areas.

Leigha Checa

Leah Checa is a licensed MSW that serves as the FRC Coordinator for TALME. She has both school and clinical experience counseling and providing services for both juveniles and adults.