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Accommodating English Language Learners in the Math Classroom
It is easy to assume that English Language Learners will excel in math because math is a “universal language.” We tend to think of math as a subject that does not require a strong command of language. However, using math vocabulary, solving word problems, and understanding mathematical reasoning are closely linked to language. In this session, participants will take away effective strategies to teach academic vocabulary, help students understand written math problems, and increase student language production. These strategies can be applied through in-person or virtual teaching methods. All teachers have the responsibility and opportunity to help their English Language Learners learn the English language. We must work together to ensure our English Language Learners are prepared for now and for tomorrow.
This talk was presented at:
2021 National ESEA Conference
February 2021 in Cyberspace
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Thai Nguyen

Thai Nguyen has helped students achieve impressive academic results at many levels. As principal, he helped transform an inner-city school that earned an “F” letter grade to a “B” letter grade in one year. Thai joined Vista College Preparatory in July of 2019 as Principal-In-Residence where he has been planning and preparing for a new school set to open in the Fall of 2020. Prior to becoming a school leader, Thai was a teacher and instructional coach in the Creighton School District and Lead Instructor and Effectiveness Coach for The New Teacher Project in Arizona. Thai has collaborated with leaders and educators at high achieving inner-city schools around the country as a LENS leader through Building Excellent Schools.