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A Proven Model: Build Thriving Family-School Partnerships in a Time of Transition and Change

Family Engagement is critical to student success now more than ever! Parenting Partners is a comprehensive model for effectively engaging parents that has produced 200,000+ Title I parent leaders. Learn to create strong Family-School partnerships utilizing our highly relational virtual and in-person workshops. This proven approach boosts student achievement using capacity-building, research-based training and curriculum. Highly engaging, the session will share best practices from districts nationally and demonstrate practical applications of current research (Dual Capacity-Building Framework, etc.). Participants will gain hands-on experience through interactive role-plays and live demonstrations. Our bilingual, strengths-based curriculum engages families from diverse backgrounds. The TOT, site-based model produces sustainability. Entertaining, interactive and practical, this session provides Key Strategies and Practical Tools to build meaningful, effective Family-School partnerships

This talk was presented at:
2022 National ESEA Conference
February 2022 in New Orleans, LA
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Teresa Brown

Teresa is a Team Support Specialist and National Trainer with Family Leadership. She has over 30 years of education experience as a school teacher, media specialist, curriculum coordinator/facilitator, and principal. Her exposure to and experiences with varied districts in South Carolina enhances her qualifications to serve as coach and trainer for family engagement. She brings parenting skills, education experiences, and her strength of relationship-building to support teams in a collaborative effort. Her passion and dedication supports Parenting Partners™ teams as they create successful outcomes for families. Teresa has a Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development/Early Childhood Education, as well as a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education from South Carolina State University and a Masters’ Degree of Elementary Administration from Charleston Southern University. Since retirement, Teresa has worked with the South Carolina State Department of Education as a Transformation Coach in the Office of School Transformation. She is currently an adjunct professor with Grand Canyon University, serving as a Site Coordinator offering support to intern teachers and principals.

Katie Harri

Katie Harri has trained and supported hundreds of schools in building strong, effective family engagement through the Parenting Partners process. Katie is an expert in strengths-based leadership development. She is a certified Gallup Strengths Finder Coach and holds a Master's degree in Family and Child Counseling. She is a popular workshop and conference presenter.

David Bunker

David Bunker is the Executive Director of Family Leadership, Inc, the national leader in building Parent Engagement teams with schools and districts. He is the author of “Take the Family Meals Challenge” workshops and co-author of Parenting Partners, a parent engagement model used by 100’s of districts nationally. He is a popular workshop presenter at national conferences and adjunct professor in the field of Family Engagement and Culture. He has trained hundreds of family engagement facilitators and parent leaders nationally in the Parenting Partners model.

Patty Bunker

Patty Bunker is Family Leadership's founder and National Director for Family-School Partnerships. She is the co-author along with her husband of the Parenting Partners curriculum and TOT training model. She has trained parents and educators in over 200 districts across the nation in positive, effective parent engagement, producing 250,000+ Title I parent leaders. She's a family counselor, national conference workshop and keynote speaker, university professor, and author of two best-selling parent engagement books.