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US ED FY 2011 budget request re Title I
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College- and Career-Ready Students 200920102011

B.A. in millions  Current Year $14,492.4   Request $14,492.4$14,492.4

The request supports the Administration's reauthorization plan for Title I, Part A of the ESEA (currently Title I Grants to LEAs), which would include changes in the areas of standards and assessments, accountability and support for schools and LEAs, and teacher quality. States would be asked to adopt statewide standards that build toward college- and career-readiness (CCR) and to implement high-quality assessments aligned with these CCR standards and capable of measuring individual student growth toward CCR. States also would be required to develop a definition of "effective teacher" that is based in significant part on student learning, and to put in place a system that links the academic achievement and growth of students to their teachers and school leaders.
The reauthorization plan would replace "adequate yearly progress" with a broader picture of school performance that looks at student growth and school progress. States would measure school performance and differentiate schools on the basis of progress in getting all subgroups of students on track to CCR, the growth of individual students toward CCR, progress toward closing subgroup achievement gaps, graduation rates (at the high school level), and other measures as appropriate. Schools that are showing significant improvement or showing progress towards the CCR goal for all groups of students in the school would be eligible for recognition and rewards. Persistently low-performing schools would be required to implement significant change. States would measure progress and differentiate rewards and interventions for LEAs in a manner similar to the requirements for schools.
States and LEAs would be asked to continue to pursue the four assurances embedded in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA): stronger standards and assessments, effective teachers and leaders, using data systems to improve instruction, and turning around the lowest-performing schools.
The 2011 request also includes $9.2 million for a reauthorized Title I Evaluation authority, which would continue to require high-quality evaluations of the impact and implementation of Title I programs, including the College- and Career-Ready Students program and the School Turnaround Grants program.

School Turnaround Grants
(BA in millions) 200920102011

B.A. in millions   Current Year  $545.6      Request $900.0

The $354.4 million increase requested for the reauthorized School Turnaround Grants (currently School Improvement Grants) program would help provide the significant resources LEAs need to turn around their lowest-performing schools by implementing a rigorous school intervention model. While States and LEAs would have new flexibility under the reauthorized ESEA to develop their own improvement strategies and interventions for most schools, they would be required to implement specific, meaningful intervention models in their very lowest-performing schools and would receive school turnaround funding for this purpose.