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Email Message from Zollie Stevenson, Director SASA
Hello State Directors:

Today the President released his proposed FY2011 budget to Congress. I have provided links below to share some of the specific details. - Press release on FY11 Federal Education budget - Specifics on the Elementary and Secondary Education breakdowns proposed for FY 2011 - Proposed State FY11 tables for Elementary and Secondary education

As you can see when you review the proposed funding streams, there are some proposed consolidations and some significant funding stream increases. The proposal will keep Title I funded at the same level but adds $300 million to SIG and about $50 million to Title III. Significant increases will also go to STEM and literacy initiatives as well as Race to the Top and Investing in Innovation discretionary grant programs.
Please review to get a feel about proposed Federal Education funding and how the funding is directed towards various Education Reform agenda initiatives.

Take care,

Zollie Stevenson, Jr., Ph.D., Director
Student Achievement and School Accountability Programs
(Title I, Parts A and D, Title III State Formula Grants and McKinney-Vento Homeless Program)
Office of Elementary and Secondary Education
US Department of Education

The Mission of the Student Achievement and School Accountability Programs Office is to Help States and Local Education Agencies Meet the Education Needs of Low-Achieving Children in the Nation's Highest Poverty Schools.