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Details re education & State of the Union Speech

From White House Blog dated 1/27/10 re State of Union address:


The President will continue his push to invest in the skills and education of our people. "This year, we have broken through the stalemate between left and right by launching a national competition to improve our schools. And the idea here is simple: instead of rewarding failure, we only reward success... In this country, the success of our children cannot depend more on where they live than on their potential.” The Obama Administration supports a new vision for increasing student achievement, delivering opportunity, and supporting excellence in America’s public schools. The President’s 2011 budget supports a new framework for the Elementary and Secondary Education Act that will foster innovation, reward excellence, and promote reform in our schools, as well as invests an additional $1.35 billion to continue the historic Race to the Top program to open it up to districts in order to spur innovation and additional progress. At the same time, the Administration is moving to consolidate ineffective policies and practices. The President’s Budget eliminates six programs and consolidates 38 others into 11 new programs that emphasize using competition to allocate funds, giving communities more choices around activities, and using rigorous evidence to fund what works.


From 12 noon 1/28/10 White House conference call on Education

following the State of Union Address:


Speaker - Roberto Rodriguez, education policy staff member on the White House Domestic Policy Council.


STATE OF UNION- Recap of points made in State of the Union address including

·        Call to invest in education from "cradle through career.”

·        Imperative for our nation to deliver quality education at every point along the "pipe line.”

·        Race to the Top is designed to reshape system to spur innovation. Already 12 states have altered policies to meet more rigorous standards of Race to the Top


Re Budget to be released next week:

·        Additional 1.35 billion for Race to the Top



·        K-12 will have additional 3 billion and additional 1 billion contingent on Congress reauthorizing ESEA.  This is the largest ever proposed by any administration


Will have revised funding to encourage states to

·        improve assessments,

·        reward excellence, and

·        improve accountability,

·        prioritize teaching,

·        increase number of effective teachers,

·        improve how teachers are prepared,

·        reward teacher effectiveness, and

·        create more effective charter schools.

·        There will be a focus on new solutions for lowest performing schools, and

·        streamlining and revising programs  to create new solutions for achievement gap




Q-Homeless kids:

A- Administration will support current federal programs via ARRA and ESEA. Family Literacy programs can be supported in part via ESEA.


Q-Indian Education

A-Domestic Policy Council is working to better improve the network of funding via dialogue connecting the Department. of Interior and the Department of Education.

Q-How to encourage students (especially middle school) to consider public service (related to college loan forgiveness for public service)

A-President supports K-12 innovations in service learning programs to inspire new methods to instill civic learning, to motivate kids to enter the teaching profession as a call to service, and to increase civic participation


Q-Reading funds

A-Next week the FY 2010 budget will have more detail re literacy from Age 0 to grade -12. Look to that as a reflection of the Administration’s support of literacy, reading, and writing.