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KleenSlate’s NEW Customizable Whiteboard System is the ONLY all-in-one dry erase tool for the classroom. Includes two dry erase surfaces; one side blank and one has a clear sleeve for interchangeable and customizabe learning templates. Includes over 100 downloadable templates and graphic organizers.Teachers can also customize the inserts to fit any curriculum, any age and any subject. Set of twelve Paddles also include 12 markers with erasers that snap into the handle as well as microfiber cleaning cloths. Our new KleenSlate Paddle compliments and facilitates Common Core Standards, and enhances Formative Assessment! Created by a Teacher for Teachers!
Give Every Child a Voice while quickly assessing where student is. Great for RTI, Differentiated learning, group and individual learner. Engages every child. Markers are non/toxic, low odor and points don’t push in.
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