Using Action-Oriented School-Wide Leadership Data for School Improvement Planning

Sunday February 11, 2018
10:30 - 11:30 AM
Room 113

There are various factors that contribute to school improvement, and "Leadership" is perhaps the most consistent factor cited in education research studies. However, when school improvement coaches engage in school turnaround work, and only focus on the individual primary leader in a school, a great deal of leadership practice is overlooked. This presentation will explore how, with the support of school improvement coaches, two innovative school leaders measured school-wide instructional leadership practices and used the resulting action-based data to guide their school improvement planning work. Data-driven decision-making has become the standard practice for school improvement, but school leaders and coaches should consider multiple sources and forms of data in this work. Attendees in this session will learn from these school leaders and school improvement coaches, explore action-based data, and consider effective school improvement planning processes.

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building leaders
school improvement, using data