Transform Your Spelling Instruction to Help Struggling Readers and Writers

Thursday February 8, 2018
12:00 - 1:00 PM
Room 118

Spelling is for reading (and writing) and one-size-fits-all "memorize and move on" spelling instruction does little to improve reading and writing skills, especially for students who struggle. During his years as a teacher, Mark Weakland transformed his spelling instruction and saw how the change benefited struggling readers and writers. Now he encourages you to do the same. This session includes an explanation of why spelling is for reading, an exploration of the power of focused word lists, time to reflect on and share personal spelling strategies, and descriptions of a variety of spelling strategies that help students learn how to spell (not what to spell), especially those who struggle to “see words in their heads.” Finally, Mark will have participants briefly practice a few simple yet effective classroom activities and instructional methods that engage all students and enable struggling learners to build spelling skills, as well as become better readers and writers.

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elementary education, reading & writing