The Equity Issue of Our Time – High Quality Family Engagement

Sunday February 11, 2018
12:30 - 1:15 PM
Exhibitor Session Room A

Under ESSA, schools are no longer confined to “core academic subjects” as the only measure of student success. Recent educational reforms did not sufficiently address the socio-emotional factors crucial in learning. States, districts, and schools now have the flexibility to provide a “well-rounded education” including activities in social emotional learning, skills essential to academic success. ESSA provides opportunities to encourage balance where the focus had become too narrow —and to do so in ways that ensure access and equity for all students. While many focus on what educators can do to ensure true equitability, there is no substitute for parents’ role as a child’s first teacher. To close the opportunity gap, districts and schools must find, develop, and deploy practical and scalable solutions to empower parents and families to be an active part in eliminating barriers. Discover how ReadyRosie offers research-based strategies to help close that gap.

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