Recapture the Magic – The Power of Transmediation: How Words Can Make a Picture Come Alive

Thursday February 8, 2018
2:00 - 3:00 PM
Room 113

Pictures offer a universal language for those who struggle with words. At the heart of this innovative approach to literacy learning: treat words and pictures as parallel, complementary, and equal languages for learning. Learn about a dynamic, evidenced-based model that uses the universal language of pictures to teach writing and strengthen reading across the curriculum. Visit two elementary classrooms to witness firsthand impressive content-based picture books created by at-risk learners as they participate in a multimodal approach to teaching writing aligned with English Language Arts Core Standards. Experience for yourself how transmediation, the act of recasting meaning from pictures to words, increases engagement, deepens thinking, and expands vocabulary. Witness the magic of word choice: how words can make a picture come alive! View compelling research findings from a large federally funded study. Leave with new understandings and a renewed sense of promise for all students.

classroom leaders
elementary education, at-risk populations