English Learners: A Deep-Dive into Clear(er) Water

Sunday February 11, 2018
9:30 - 11:00 AM
Room 126

ELs are arguably one of the most academically and socially vulnerable populations of public school students–just ask your educators. Often arriving in schools with little or no English, these students deserve our best efforts at college and career readiness. The convergence of standards, assessments and educator preparation key, and ELPA21 will share a deep-dive into the successes and challenges of new ELP standards, professional development and implementation of a from-the-ground-up assessment system. This session explores the connection at four levels–consortium, state, district and school–that supports classroom educators shape instruction for ELs, and highlights ELPA21’s PD modules in Iowa and how this asset is incorporated into educator preparation. This interactive session is designed to give attendees take-away approaches to fully engage ELs in classroom instruction designed to address the language demands of today’s challenging grade-level content instruction.

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district leaders
english learners, assessment