Chronic Discipline, Bullying & Critical Thinking: Building Empathy Using Real Legal Cases

Saturday February 10, 2018
1:30 - 2:15 PM
Exhibitor Session Room B

Critical thinking is the key to 21st century learning and college and career readiness. But when we think about serious threats to a positive school culture like chronic disciplinary issues and bullying, we rarely think about critical thinking as a solution. In fact, because educators often treat critical thinking like a luxury good reserved for top students, students who struggle with behavior issues do not get the benefits of analyzing different perspectives and thinking through root causes of problems - both which would improve empathy and enhance decision-making skills to contribute to a more positive school culture. Learn how thinkLaw's award-winning, standards-aligned program based on real-life legal cases has partnered with 2 different Title I Schools (1 urban, 1 rural) to address these issues in an in-school suspension program and school-wide anti-bullying initiative, and experience thinkLaw's interactive method of helping educators teach critical thinking to ALL students.

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