Beyond Batman: Using Graphic Novels as Serious Texts in ELA, Social Studies, and Science!

Saturday February 10, 2018
10:30 - 11:30 AM
Room 115

You know kids love graphic novels, but not sure how to use them in class? Let's go beyond superheroes, and learn where to find them and how to use them with students. We can connect these "comics" to our content in ways that are engaging and relevant. Through hands-on instruction and analysis, and seeing how our tried and true strategies can be adapted to work with these new formats, we'll find the best books for teaching language arts, social studies, and science. Over the last decade there's been an explosion of both literary and non-fiction texts in graphic novel form. This format engages students who are hard to reach with traditional books: some struggling readers, some reluctant, others gifted, all looking for something different. Many of us raised on "regular" books aren't sure how to handle graphic novels. This session guides participants through that process, building connections between teacher and student. Come discover the best new graphic novels, and how to use them!

classroom leaders
reading & writing, differentiated instruction