Art Integration Increases Achievement and Engagement

Friday February 9, 2018
3:00 - 4:30 PM
Room 122

Art-integration builds creative capacity, improves school culture, increases student achievement, and family engagement. Art-integration gives learners experience planning, creating, presenting, responding, and connecting to cross-curricular projects. The impact on student outcomes is tangible. Title I elementary principal Broadnax credits art-integration for improving students’ reading inventory/Lexile® and math inventory/Quantile® scores (full year scores are expected to rise by 100 points.) By mid-year, their scores exceeded the 50 point desired increase: reading up 94.5 and math up 131.2, in December. Beyond test scores, other tangible results from art-integration include recruiting new teachers and increasing family engagement. Workshop participants will reflect and create, making their thinking visible. Discover art-integrated pathways for success: hands-on professional development that builds creative capacity and protocols that strengthen creative, collaborative culture.

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