Are My Learners at an Advantage Because I Lead Them?

Sunday February 11, 2018
9:00 - 10:00 AM
Room 113

An empowering, self-reflective journey for classroom, school and district leaders that will challenge them to examine their own leadership identities, missions, purposes, and visions as leaders in their schools and districts. It will engage attendees in a discussion on whether or not their leadership practices enable children to have liberty to learn in barrier-free, culturally-responsive learning environments. It will also challenge attendees to think critically about how they perceive their own leadership worth and value to their school communities compared to how their school communities might perceive their leadership, with a particular emphasis on whether or not their leadership practices ensure that equity abounds for all learners. The entire session is engaging and promises to inspire attendees to look critically at their current leadership practices and to consider earnestly whether or not their learners are at an advantage because they lead them.

classroom leaders
at-risk populations, cultural diversity