Mike Grabarits

The Institute for Literacy and Learning

Michael has a passion for assisting parents that have young children, birth to age 6, so he created a company, Inspired Learning, LP, to create products that could help parents be their child’s “First teacher”. Since founding Step By Step Learning®, The Institute For Literacy and Learning and Inspired Learning, Michael has forged solid partnerships with some of the most renowned literacy experts in the field, Dr Louisa Moats, the late Dr Ed Shapiro, Dr Marilyn Adams, Dr Randy Sprick, Dr Jan Hasbrouck, Dr. Mark Shinn, Dr Joe Torgesen, Dr Roland Good, Dr Timothy Shanahan and many others. The mutual respect that these experts and Mike have for each other is impressive. Michael has been asked to speak on “Why Children Struggle to Read and how it can be solved” to the Senate of Pa, the US Congress, International Reading Associations, The Bureau of Indian Education (BIE), numerous State Senate Education panels, Federal Programs associations, School Board Assoc. and numerous Curriculum organizations around the USA. The significant academic turn-around improvement in hundreds of classrooms is described in detail in his new book, Teachable Momentum-- -A Guide To Closing America’s Early Reading Gap.