Colin Seale


To change the narrative on who gets to teach and who gets to learn critical thinking, Colin Seale, Esq. launched thinkLaw (, a standards-aligned program that helps teachers use real-life legal cases to teach critical thinking to all students. For thinkLaw’s work in ensuring that critical thinking is no longer a luxury good, thinkLaw has been honored as a recipient of the American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada’s Community Juvenile Justice Award, the National Bar Association of Las Vegas’ Community Service Award, the 1st Prize and People’s Choice Award for the Nevada Governor’s Business Summit Pitch Competition, the African-American Trailblazer, Peacekeepers Educator Award from the City of Las Vegas, and the winner of the Teach for America 25th Anniversary Shark Tank: One Day Pitch competition. Colin remains deeply connected to the community as a proud member of the Delta Tau Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha, Fraternity, Inc. and a board member of the Million Dollar Teacher Project, a Phoenix, AZ-based organization designed to increase teacher recognition, compensation and support inside and outside of the classroom. Colin's work has also been featured on Education Post and on the ASCD InService Blog.