How Technology Can Help Find the Math Genius in Every Child

Thursday February 23, 2017
10:15 - 10:45 AM
Exhibit Stage 101

Every child is a math genius…they just don’t know it yet. But with digital learning technologies, that’s all about to change. In recent years, adaptive math tutors have arrived with the promise of personalized learning. As these tools become more accessible and more tailored to the individual needs and preferences of learners, every child will have the opportunity to flourish. In this adrenaline-filled talk, we explore mathematical genius and make the case that, with digital technologies, it is within the grasp of every child. We look at how adaptive math tutors are poised to unlock students’ individual talents by catering to their specific learning needs with rich, interactive content. There is good news for teachers. The real power of these technologies lies in enriching the most variable in all of Education: the teacher-student relationship. The Engagement Revolution will be led by teachers, enabled by technology and enjoyed by all students.

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