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Blended and Braided Funding: A Guide for Policy Makers and Practitioners

This guide was prepared by the Work Group on Blended and Braided Funding, operating under the auspices of AGA’s Intergovernmental Partnership, which was established by AGA in September 2007 to open the lines of communication among governments with the goal of improv­ing performance and accountability. (NOTE: Comprised of high-ranking officials from the federal, state and local levels of government and higher education, the Intergovernmental Partnership is dedicated to identifying and solving some of the most vexing manage­ment and accountability issues facing governments today.)


How To Use This Resource:
In an era of fiscal restraints, when governments are leveraging resources to ‘do more with less,’ this guide is intended to help officials at all levels of government put their resources to optimal use. Federal grants account for $550 billion, annually, in federal spending. This spending supports 2,275 federal programs across 68 federal agencies.


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Blended and Braided Funding

Association of Government Accountants (AGA)

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