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You Can't Read a Book and Run From a Lion at the Same Time
Kids from poverty are continually 'Running from Lions' and as long as they are running, there will be no learning. Their lives present challenges and dangers that create a 24/7 hyper-vigilance as they navigate their world trying to survive. Understanding the neurological and biological impact of this life condition is imperative to working with and helping the under-resourced achieve. This fast paced session will examine the role of the limbic system, emotions and the small but mighty amygdala to help keep humans safe from physical and emotional danger and how that role often inhibits cognition, comprehension and memory storage. Topics include: 1) Causes of and biological impacts of an 'amygdala highjack', 2) connections between the amygdala, and incoming stimulus, thoughts, beliefs and actions, 3) how and why to create an emotionally safe environment for kids in poverty 4) Strategies to calm the limbic system and increase focus, retention, engagement and achievement 5) Stress/Cortisol
This talk was presented at:
National Title I Conference
February 2017 in Long Beach, CA
For more information:
tara@theconnectioncoach.org; @tarambrown
Tara Brown

Tara Brown has been an educator since 1985 and has worked in urban, rural and metropolitan areas across the nation, primarily with under-resourced youth. She has presented Keynotes, Trainings and Workshops both nationally and internationally, on numerous topics relating to Brain and Social/Emotional Research as well as Human performance.