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The Title I Formulas: A Discussion of the Factors that Affect Allocation Amounts, Including Why School District Allocations Change Across Years

The purpose of this session is to provide school district, State, and other stakeholders information on the factors that affect a school district’s Title I allocation in order to increase transparency in the allocation process.  This information will increase participants’ understanding of how allocations are determined and support stakeholders in their planning for future years’ allocations.  The presentation will focus on both the factors in the allocations calculated by ED and the adjustments required by law that States make to the ED allocations, a two-step process that determines a school district’s final Title I allocation each year.  This session will feature staff from the U.S. Department of Education, State and local practitioners and subject matter experts from partner organizations.

This talk was presented at:
National Title I Conference
February 2018 in Philadelphia, PA
Todd Stephenson

Todd Stephenson has worked at the Department since 2005 and currently serves as a Management and Program Analyst in the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education, Office of State Support.  In this capacity he works with different aspects of the Title I, Part A program and other ESEA programs, including allocations and equitable services.

Pat Kaiser

Pat has been with Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education for 19 years where she currently serves as Coordinator of ESEA/ESSA Finance in the Division of Financial and Administrative Services.  She is responsible for calculating and distributing Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) grant funds to local educational agencies (LEAs).  Her team provides technical assistance to school officials on federal finance regulations and ESSA Fiscal Requirements such as Maintenance of Effort, Supplement Not Supplant and Comparability of Services.   She oversees fiscal accountability and oversight for sixteen ESEA/ESSA programs.

Staff, U.S. Department of Education