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The Neurocardiologist Leader/Teacher
This presentation will show you how to: • Use emotion, movement, and many other strategies to maximize your learners' engagement • Employ brain-friendly strategies to advance achievement and problem solving • Use advances in neuroscience research to ignite motivation and increased performance • Realize that sex, threat, & patterns matter to learning • Know the difference between on-task and engagement • Understand that vision trumps all other senses • Create a template for brain-friendly lesson plans for any subject Join Hal in this interactive session where you will hear his stories, see fascinating videos, and participate in some neuroscience strategies. This is a fun session that you will be talking about long after the conference is over.
This talk was presented at:
National Title I Conference
February 2017 in Long Beach, CA
For more information:
pirate3314@gmail.com; www.halroberts.com
Hal Roberts

Author, speaker, and retired educator after 38 years serving as teacher from 4th grade to seniors. Served as elementary and high school principal, assistant superintendent, and superintendent. Hal has researched over 30 books on leadership and neuroscience and interviewed leaders across the country to write his book and create this presentation.