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THE MATH PARTY: Sing! Dance! Exercise! Learn!
Learn to incorporate MATHEMATICS with MUSIC and MOVEMENT! The Math Party session encompasses dance and exercise routines that are infused with mathematics instruction. The multi-sensory concept of The Math Party excites, challenges, and keeps students academically, musically, and physically engaged. During this session, you will be physically and academically engaged while learning concepts through relevant raps, rocking rhythms and riveting routines! Research indicates that the infusion of singing, dancing, and exercising with curriculum content invigorates learning; it physically and mentally engages students while academically preparing and motivating them to excel. The Math Party presentation will inform you of a nonconventional instructional strategy that, if infused with traditional math instruction, will increase interest, retention, and achievement levels of at-risk students. This session is electrifying, empowering, and engaging!
This talk was presented at:
National Title I Conference
February 2017 in Long Beach, CA
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Derrick Henry

Derrick Henry is the Mayor of Daytona Beach, FL and an Assistant Principal of a Putnam County Title I school. He is a passionate educator who shares best practices to parents, educational professionals, and community difference makers. He focuses on engagement strategies aimed at enhancing student achievement and empowering audiences with proven methods to keep students motivated to learn and succeed. "Any community that wishes to remain relevant must focus on the proper education of its children; they are our future." Mayor Derrick Henry

Stephanie Pasley

Dr. Stephanie Pasley, a former fifth grade teacher, is recognized internationally for her riveting presentations highlighting her creative engaging instructional strategies for enhancing student achievement. She is the author of six Math Party Programs including Fitness Addition, Fitness Subtraction, Multiplication, Back To The Basics, State Test Prep and National Standards; and a reading program, The Reading Party: Fitness! Phonics! FUNdamentals! Each of her programs infuses music, dance and exercise with math (and reading) instruction. Dr. Pasley provides riveting and engaging Professional Development, Student Assemblies, Family Math Nights, and Family Reading Nights in Title I Schools around the country. Dr. Pasley passionately believes that "ALL CHILDREN CAN ACHIEVE!"