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The Hidden but Overwhelming Costs of the Title I Paper Trail
As more districts adopt student based budgeting and other forms of policy that decentralize more of the procurement process, the volume of transactions utilizing Title I funding is bound to grow, resulting in more purchases for smaller dollar amounts. Small dollar value transactions consume an inordinate amount of time and costs associated with creating and processing individual requisitions and purchase orders. Independent research estimates an average man-hour cost of $97 each time a requisition and purchase order is processed. In addition, these transactions are most susceptible to fraud and audit challenges. This session, led by ClassWallet Founder & CEO Jamie Rosenberg will explore the cost of the paper trail, and how (1) better accounting of Title I transactions can be achieved with less (or dare we say, no) paper, and (2) how efficiencies can free resources to be re-allocated toward outputs that have a more direct impact on student outcomes.
This talk was presented at:
National Title I Conference
February 2017 in Long Beach, CA
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Jamie Rosenberg

Jamie is no stranger to school funding tracking and management, having launched two successful technology companies. Jamie is the Founder and CEO of ClassWallet, an industry leading funds management and tracking platform for school systems which boasts some of the largest organizations in the country as customers. ClassWallet is transforming how education dollars are spent providing more accountability and transparency. Jamie's first company, AdoptAClassroom.org, which he launched in 1998, is one of the first crowd funding sites on the Internet, and the first national online platform for education philanthropy. Through AdoptAClassroom.org, Jamie partnered donors with classrooms raising over $25M for teachers in 30% of schools in America, and improving the learning environment for 3.5M students.