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Beyond Batman: Using Graphic Novels as Serious Texts in ELA, Social Studies, and Science!
Presenters: Quinn Rollins

You know kids love graphic novels, but not sure how to use them in class? Let's go beyond superheroes, and learn where to find them and how to use them with students. We can connect these "comics"

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Read, Eat, and Discover (R.E.A.D.)
Presenters: Rebecca Donaldson

In 2014, the National Title I Association partnered with the International Literacy Association to develop the Read, Eat, and Discover Program, which combines volunteer-led literacy instructional

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What Do Good Magicians and Great Teachers Have in Common? They Both Know How to Trick the Brain!
Presenters: Katie Garner

Have you ever wondered how magic tricks work? They work because our brains have a hardwired process for attention that is easily hacked into! A good magician knows this and takes full advantage of

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AVID: Results of a Six Year Study in Preparing ALL Students for Post-Secondary Success
Presenters: Todd Setterlund Susan Bergman

College readiness and career readiness can be challenging for all districts most especially those of poverty. From the beginning 37 years ago AVID’s mission was to ensure student access to

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ESSA Evidence Standards and School Improvement: Putting Research to Work for Your Schools
Presenters: Robert Slavin

Do you know which programs meet the new ESSA standards for “strong,” “moderate,” and “promising” evidence of effectiveness? This interactive workshop will give you the tools and the

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English Learners: A Deep-Dive into Clear(er) Water
Presenters: Margaret Ho Natalie French Colleen Anderson

ELs are arguably one of the most academically and socially vulnerable populations of public school students–just ask your educators. Often arriving in schools with little or no English, these

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Access: A Literacy Approach for Struggling Secondary Readers
Presenters: Crystal Hoffmann

Access is a specialized curriculum, designed to serve students with an Instructional Reading Level between the 4th and 6th grade. It was created out of a necessity and community of students

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Using Action-Oriented School-Wide Leadership Data for School Improvement Planning
Presenters: Mark Blitz Kyle Konold Terry Hofer Contann Dabney

There are various factors that contribute to school improvement, and "Leadership" is perhaps the most consistent factor cited in education research studies. However, when school improvement

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Voices From the Field and Ways to Reduce Barriers to Learning for School Transformation
Presenters: Michael Haggen Ron Mirr

Scholastic collaborated with CCSSO to develop a questionnaire for a national survey of teachers and principals, in part, to raise awareness of the barriers to equity in education and the resources

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Assessing With a Continuum of Parallel Development in Reading, Writing, and Word Knowledge
Presenters: Mary Jo Fresch

Knowing the specific needs of struggling readers and writers is key to providing appropriate instruction. Delays in one area of literacy (such as vocabulary or reading) have implications for

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Using Data to Break Through Barriers: Ensuring All Students Have the Liberty to Learn
Presenters: Mollie Blasius Joan Bahra Caroline Wacker

Our presentation focuses on our journey as itinerant staff in supporting a local elementary in using data to make systems shifts to impact learners at all three tiers. More specifically, we

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Removing Barriers: Leveraging Good Instructional Practices
Presenters: Yolanda McKee Candice Henry Malaika Jordan

Twenty-first century learning skills are at the forefront of educational advancement and are the cornerstone of instructional strategies used to prepare students for college and career. The use of

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Family Engagement in the Era of Data-driven School Reform
Presenters: Monica Handyside Constance Marable Anita Sampson

In data-driven school districts, multiple sources of data are used to improve instruction, monitor students’ progress and evaluate programs or services. However, in this era of data-driven

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Tier 2 Intervention: Strategies That Invite Students Into a Mathematical Community
Presenters: Cristina Charney

Invite your elementary students to be part of a mathematical community through an intentional emphasis on the Standards for Mathematical Practices (SMPs) while providing the targeted instruction

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Powerful Data Systems: Empowering Students to Believe and Achieve
Presenters: Christine Kelly Taj Jensen Diana Fitzgerald Amy Miller

ALL students can achieve at high levels. This belief is held and realized by our Title 1 Distinguished School presentation team. Through role and interest small group breakouts, our team of

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Culturally Relevant Instruction: Focusing on the Education Debt
Presenters: Gloria Ladson-Billings

The "achievement gap" is a misnomer. In the context of culturally relevant teaching, Gloria Ladson-Billings reframes the debate around the "education debt." Listen to talk radio or read the

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Innovation + Collaboration = The “Perfect” Makerspace
Presenters: Nancy Benning Stacey A. Montgomery

Makerspaces come in all shapes and sizes. Finding the “perfect” fit for your students and schools is a challenge. This presentation will give attendees an opportunity to look at one model used

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English Learners: Every Student Succeeding?
Presenters: Tomekia Watson

The session will view the chronic low performance and low graduation rates for the English Learner subgroup and present research-based data on how to strategically place and plan instruction for

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“What Is SHE Doing Here?”: Shattering The Status Quo On Girls In STEM
Presenters: Amber Ravenscroft

Let’s start with a math problem. There were 158 graduates of computer science from four-year institutions in West Virginia in 2015. Of those 158, 11 percent were women. Rounded to a whole

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Money Matters: Closing Equity Gaps in Schools
Presenters: Brian Barnes David DeSchryver Patrick Wnek

Over the last 17 years, the Florida Partnership for Minority and Underrepresented Student Achievement has refined the process of investing in instructional practices that close opportunity and