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School Improvement: Firsthand Perspectives of the Journey
The most powerful stories of success are those that are told from firsthand experiences. Two different Title I school principals from Indiana will give an overview of their schools and the journey of school improvement they have been on over the past 3 school years. Detailing the successes and barriers they’ve encountered, the principals of these two schools will share the transformation they have led in their schools. These principals will explain the ways in which they have leveraged Title I School Improvement funds to support their initiatives, and which investments have proven most powerful. Following these overviews, there will be a panel discussion between these leaders and the audience to address questions, obstacles, and curiosities of those in attendance.
This talk was presented at:
National Title I Conference
February 2017 in Long Beach, CA
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Anthony Williams

Anthony Williams is the principal of Allen Elementary in Marion, Indiana. Anthony has expertise in facilitating school improvement initiatives while blending district and building visions for success.

Lauren Johnson

Lauren Johnson is an elementary school administrator who is strong in curriculum and instructional leadership. She is licensed in educational leadership, elementary education, learning disabilities, and high ability instruction. She is a former district gifted and talented coordinator, instructional coach, and teacher with expertise in curriculum development, balanced literacy, differentiated instruction, formative assessment, hands-on learning activities, meeting the needs of gifted and talented students, building school cultures that increase student achievement, and developing strong community partnerships.

Lisa Cotter

Lisa Cotter is a current literacy coach and former teacher with expertise in balanced literacy, guided reading, differentiated instruction, hands-on learning literacy activities, designing targeted interventions to increase student achievement, effectively using data to inform instruction, supporting teachers in literacy, and mentoring new teachers.