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Removing Barriers: Leveraging Good Instructional Practices

Twenty-first century learning skills are at the forefront of educational advancement and are the cornerstone of instructional strategies used to prepare students for college and career. The use of research-based strategies in this session will empower teachers to provide ALL students access to instructional content while fostering student ownership for their learning. Participants will explore how to integrate pedagogical strategies (Problem/Project-Based Learning, Technology, and Engineering Design Process) that are authentic, open-ended, and learner-centered to engage students and develop the 4 Cs- critical thinking/problem-solving, communication, collaboration, and creativity/innovation- to increase student achievement. Within this fast-paced session, participants will “learn by doing” as they make connections between the content and real-life application. You will depart equipped with a toolbox of effective ready-to-use strategies that will be sure to remove learning barriers.

This talk was presented at:
National Title I Conference
February 2018 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Yolanda McKee

Yolanda McKee is an Assistant Principal in Atlanta, Georgia with over 18 years of teaching experience in secondary science education. Over the last six years, she has used knowledge and skills acquired as a graduate student in Problem-based Learning (PBL) to engage students in active scientific inquiry. Yolanda has shared her passion for science education through a myriad of professional development workshops geared towards PBL implementation and the use of rubrics to effectively evaluate student work.

Candice Henry

Candice R. Henry is a classroom Learning Facilitator in Atlanta, Georgia with over 13 years of experience in secondary science education. She has written and published PBL curriculum for Biology, Physical Science, and Chemistry. She consistently infuses reading and writing strategies within her classroom to foster and build skills in fluency and comprehension.

Malaika Jordan

Malaika Jordan is an Instructional Coach in Atlanta, Georgia with over 17 years of experience in secondary science education. She has participated in numerous PBL professional developments, written and published PBL cases, presented at district-level professional development sessions, and holds a current interest in increasing academic discourse in science for all students.