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Poverty on the Brain: 7 Power Tools for Overcoming Poverty's Impact on Young Minds
Poverty has a pervasive, negative impact on the developing brain. In this seminar, you'll learn specifically the changes in the brain compelled by the experience of chronic poverty. Armed with this cutting-edge neuroscience, you'll be introduced to the "7 Power Tools" specifically designed to overcome poverty's impact on young, growing minds. Children experiencing poverty--by necessity--have different brains than their non-impoverished peers. Thus, teaching and intervening with impoverished and non-impoverished brains in the same ways is contrary to what science tells us about development and the need to teach, counsel and guide our impoverished children in a highly enriched, comprehensive and advanced manner. This experience will equip you with the knowledge, strategies and skills that will instill a clear vision about helping children experiencing poverty, increase your success and stimulate your strategic thinking about excellence for impoverished students.
This talk was presented at:
The National Title I Conference
February 2015 in Salt Lake City, Utah
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Frank Kros

Frank Kros has written 25 professional development workshops connecting research findings in neuroscience to successful strategies for teaching, counseling and parenting children and youth. Mr. Kros has presented his workshops in 44 U.S. states and four foreign countries.