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Parent and Family Engagement in Reading: Doing It Early, Effectively, and Easily
Getting parents and families engaged in reading can make all the difference for many students, particularly those who are reluctant or struggling readers. Research has consistently shown that increasing parent involvement can significantly improve students’ success in reading, as well as their ongoing success in school. Join us as we explore the benefits of parent engagement in reading and discuss some of the most effective practices and materials to help maximize those benefits. The session will provide specifics on how to motivate parents and how to provide them with techniques that make it easy to get involved and help their children. Information will be provided on getting even “reluctant parents” enthused about reading with their children and doing simple things for reading support, such as phonics and sight word games.
This talk was presented at:
National Title I Conference
February 2017 in Long Beach, CA
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Donald Panec

Don Panec is the President of Treasure Bay, a leading publisher of books for family engagement in reading. He developed and holds a US patent on the innovative paired-reading method behind the We Both Read books. Don has also personally written several books designed for buddy-reading and for parents and children to engage in reading together. He has also co-authored several workshops used in many Title I schools for parent and family engagement in reading.