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High Performance Learning Teams to Accelerate Achievement
This multi-media, interactive session presents key elements for implementing High Performance Learning Teams that accelerate achievement within a school-wide Title I school. Presenters describe specific instructional, management, and recognition protocols for creating 21st century team-based learning communities within a Multiple Tiered System of Support. Participants are introduced to the Team-Based Cycle of Instruction—an instructional delivery system that seamlessly integrates High Performance Learning Teams; UDL principles; structured cooperative learning; family engagement; technology tools; and formative assessment. In addition, specific processes are shared for using formative assessment data to differentiate instruction and personalize learning opportunities based on identified needs. Results of improved teacher performance and its link to increased student achievement among all students, including English Learners and those with disabilities, are summarized.
This talk was presented at:
National Title I Conference
February 2017 in Long Beach, CA
For more information:
tdevlin@jhu.edu; mainzer@jhu.edu; tiffany.uhlig@pgcps.org
K. Lynne Mainzer

Dr. Lynne Mainzer is Deputy Director of The Johns Hopkins University Center for Technology in Education (CTE) and Associate Professor in the JHU School of Education. She leads development and evaluation of team-based interventions and technology tools that advance learning among all students, including students with special needs.

Tammy Devlin

Tammy Devlin, a CTE program coordinator, works with school leaders nationally to build 21st century learning communities. She consults and coaches educators on effective practices of team learning and technology integration.

Helda Morad

Helda Morad is a principal of a diverse Title I elementary school. She was selected for Harvard’s Data Wise Leadership Program and has been recognized nationally for employing technology-enriched data informed decision making in conjunction with school-wide team learning.

Tiffany Uhlig

Tiffany Uhlig is a systems coach, helping teachers to implement high leverage practices with fidelity. She facilitates implementation of High Performance Teaming, UDL, and formative assessment while using an innovative data-informed decision making process with the school and district leaders.