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Helping Teachers Help Paraprofessionals Help: Leveraging Instructional Support
• Do you want to leverage the capacity of paraprofessionals to support excellent teaching? • Ready to help paras discover their untapped potential? • Are you striving to maximize the resources expended for instructional leadership? Experience a robust, research-based model for teachers to observe instructional support staff in real-time. Data generated will nurture self-reflection, objectivize collaborative dialogue, and inform professional learning decisions in a continuous improvement model. Session will... • Review tenets of high-quality classroom walkthrough. • Generate confidence in supporting teachers with the process of providing effective feedback to paraprofessionals. • Discuss opportunities to leverage the power of the data for coaching and mentoring. This is your opportunity to engage deeper interactions between teachers and paraprofessionals and thereby accelerate student performance - in every building, in every classroom, every day.
This talk was presented at:
National Title I Conference
February 2017 in Long Beach, CA
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Kelly Gillespie

Dr. Kelly Gillespie has been a classroom teacher, district administrator, consultant, executive director, and now Chief Executive Officer with 30 years of combined experience in education. Kelly has a successful track record as a researcher, author, and keynoter. Her model for instructional observation is grassroots. It was designed, built, and is continually being refined via feedback from the field. In total, observers calibrated by Kelly's team have conducted over 168,000 observations, including 7.3 million data points.