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From Risk to Resiliency: Reducing Disproportionate Discipline

Nationally, 1.2 million Black students were suspended from K-12 public schools in a single academic year – 55% of those suspensions occurred in 13 Southern States. Districts in the South also were responsible for 50% of Black student expulsions from public schools in the United States. Dr. Robert Kirton’s “100% Personal Journey from Risk to Resiliency” will address this growing concern. He will share his hands-on-knowledge of working with students at-risk and struggling school systems. He will engage participants with a multimedia presentation that will build a framework- a work product in hand to address those identified most at risk in their schools and communities. This session is highly relevant for educational leaders who need a comprehensive all-hands-on approach, because a positive school climate is recognized as an important target for school reform and improving attendance, behavioral and academic outcomes for struggling schools and students at risk.

This talk was presented at:
National Title I Conference
February 2018 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Robert Kirton

Dr. Kirton has more than 3 decades of dedicated community, military and public education service. Kirton has a cumulative graduation rate above 95%. He has been awarded and implemented more than $100 Million dollars in grants and resources. The public charter school he established and facilitated with his research graduated 100% of their Black Male students. He also received the National FBI Directors Award for Community Leadership and Development