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From Disempowered to Disengaged: Creating a Culture of Youth Empowerment in Your School
The most critical missing piece in educational reform is students. Research indicates that empowering student voice and action reaps significant benefits for both students and schools, yet students’ voices and active participation in the educational process are sorely lacking. Empowerment is key to engaging students so it is essential that schools are able to create and nurture cultures of empowerment. Dr. Metzger will share research about disengagement and disempowerment of students in our schools. Former at-risk and special needs students will discuss their first hand experiences with disempowerment and disengagement, along with the opportunities that helped them to feel empowered and engaged. Audience members will engage in various activities that will help them identify areas where they can create or improve a culture of youth empowerment and the processes and tools to do so.
This talk was presented at:
National Title I Conference
February 2017 in Long Beach, CA
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Maure Ann Metzger

Dr. Maure Ann Metzger, author of “A Prison Called School,” served in the field of education for 27 years in the role of educator, school psychologist, and district leader of professional development. Her primary work has been with high school youth in alternative and special education settings. Her doctoral research focused on leadership programming with youth in alternative and special education settings. Dr. Metzger and her students received numerous awards for their Leadership program and projects.

Andrew Dvorak

Andrew is a former student of Dr. Maure Ann Metzger and is featured in her book, "A Prison Called School." He is a bank manager in Minneapolis MN. Andrew has also been an active volunteer, and leader of volunteerism, in both his personal and professional life since high school. His volunteerism is directed towards youth and family homelessness. 

Charles Lindsey

Charles is a former student of Dr. Maure Ann Metzger and is featured in her book, "A Prison Called School." He is the father of a six-year-old son and is highly motivated to be and do the best he can for his son. Charles has overcome many obstacles in his life and currently works three jobs - landscaper, server and night club security. He is pursuing his dream of being a servant of the people for the people and also of becoming a motivational speaker and entrepreneur.