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Follow the “Comprehensive Needs Assessment Road” to “Academic Success”
Schools and districts work diligently to develop and implement programs that yield positive and improving student academic results. Too often, however, things go awry and the reason is not clear. Proper school improvement planning and evaluation can mark the difference between "Success is ours!" and "No! What happened?" A thread in ESSA is the need for plans to be developed "based upon Comprehensive Needs Assessment" (CNA) findings. Share in the story of a local school district that successfully used the state "CNA Process Rubric" to develop strong building and district improvement plans. Feel the pains and joys they experienced as they journeyed down the CNA process road arriving at solid plans to guide their education program. Attendees will participate in mock planning sessions featuring tips to help school improvement teams find success in their school improvement process and will receive a flash drive with valuable district resources used for ease of getting started.
This talk was presented at:
National Title I Conference
February 2017 in Long Beach, CA
For more information:
Ed.D.danielsp1@michigan.gov; Sara ShriverSaraleeshriver@gmail.com
Sara Shriver

School Improvement Facilitator with experience working with over 100 Michigan districts to learn how to conduct a comprehensive needs assessment, research and implement aligning strategies, and evaluate program effectiveness to improve processes and procedures leading to higher student achievement.

Paula Daniels


• Building, district, regional, and state school improvement facilitator

• State and Federal program trainer

• Brain-based teaching and learning facilitator
• State approved Title I plan reviewer