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Fathers and Father Figures Night! Noche De Empoderamiento! Get Parents Involved Tenfold!
Parent involvement is a formidable protective factor against academic problems, so Cheyenne knew it was vital to get parents involved in order to reach its goal of earning the highest graduation rate in school history. Teacher leaders at Cheyenne High School launched Fathers and Father Figures meetings and monthly Noches De Empoderamiento. Whole families participated in these nights, and attendance in parent meetings skyrocketed from two people to seventy! Cheyenne High School addressed barriers to parental involvement and provided families with tools they could use to help their students be academically and psychosocially successful. Session participants will learn how Cheyenne High School increased attendance to parent meetings, and how to create family night culture that addresses risk factors that undermine students’ academic success, and how other functions in the building got parents involved in students’ school lives.
This talk was presented at:
National Title I Conference
February 2017 in Long Beach, CA
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Zachary Robbins

Dr. Robbins was educated at Howard University in Washington, DC where he earned his bachelors and masters degrees. Dr. Robbins earned his Ph.D. in Education Administration from the Boston College Lynch School of Education. He has successfully involved parents in successful turnarounds of schools in Boston and Las Vegas. He is a former researcher for the National Coalition of Advocates for Students, a parent organizing organization.

Justin Petrillo

Justin Petrillo is a Science Teacher at Cheyenne High School and is a Father and Father Figures Night Facilitator. He has engaged in parent involvement work in Nevada and in New York City.

Gary Schoolfield

Sergeant Major Schoolfield is the JROTC Commander at Cheyenne High School and is a Father and Father Figures Night Facilitator.

Maria Vega

First Sergeant Maria Vega is Student Success Advocate for ELL students at Cheyenne High School. She coordinates Noche De Empoderamiento at Cheyenne High School.