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Family Engagement in the Era of Data-driven School Reform

In data-driven school districts, multiple sources of data are used to improve instruction, monitor students’ progress and evaluate programs or services. However, in this era of data-driven reform, sharing relevant data with parents and families becomes equally important. By sharing data and engaging in meaningful discussions with families, schools can leverage family assets to support individualized learning experiences. Through providing an access and an understanding of how data support, monitor, and help in advocating for a child's progress, families can take action and participate in well-informed decision-making.

This talk was presented at:
National Title I Conference
February 2018 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Monica Handyside

Monica Handyside, Ph.D. currently serves as instructional specialist in Prince George's County Public Schools, (PGCPS). She advocates for English language learners and their families, as an instructional specialist, Dr. Handyside led the family engagement committee at the Title I Office and has served in the PGCPS Homeless Steering Committee.

Constance Marable

Constance Marable is a Title I instructional specialist for the Prince George’s County Public School System. She has over twenty-five years of experiences in education. Her passion for education is demonstrated by her service as a classroom teacher, mentor, school administrator, Federal Program Coordinator, Recruiting and Hiring Specialist, and Coordinator for Professional Development Schools. Currently she assists with fiscal and programmatic aspects of the Title I program to ensure that schools develop and implement a comprehensive program that addresses all of the needs of the school community to achieve academic success for students.

Anita Sampson

Anita Sampson is an instructional specialist in Prince George's County Public Schools, she currently leads the family engagement committee at the Title I Office. In addition, she advocates for Title I participating children in family orientations, back to school nights and as the lead person for student selection in a science residential program (Northbay).