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Expanding the Data Conversation for Districts and Schools
"Expanding the Data Conversation for Districts and School" helps school and district leaders identify practices that broaden the data conversation beyond student achievement metrics to paint a balanced and comprehensive picture of school improvement. Educators will examine the tenets and characteristics of successful analysis of non-student outcomes data and review examples and anecdotes of how school leaders have used data from the 5Essentials, a diagnostic survey of school culture and organization, in practice. Additionally, participants will engage in a discussion of key adult mindset challenges that often inhibit effective analysis of school improvement data.
This talk was presented at:
National Title I Conference
February 2017 in Long Beach, CA
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Andrew Schmitz

Andrew Schmitz is the Assistant Director of Professional Learning at UChicago Impact. Schmitz plays a critical role in helping schools and districts around the country to effectively implement the 5Essentials system and utilize 5Essentials results as a key driver of continuous improvement. Schmitz is responsible for leading the design and implementation of all 5Essentials professional learning and the organization’s coaching model. Most recently, Schmitz served as an Assistant Principal in Chicago.

Benjamin Magras

Ben Magras is a School Leadership Coach with the University of Chicago's UChicago Impact. He currently coaches Principals and their leadership teams on school improvement within the 5Essential Framework. Ben and his colleagues at the University also facilitate professional development for school leaders across the country on the 5Essentials. Prior to his role as a Coach, Ben held multiple leadership positions at the middle and high school level. Most recently, he was a Middle School Principal in the Twin Cities.