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Connect Your Students to eBooks & eResources in MackinVIA
Our young people love being able to learn through creative, collaborative, and fun projects. We use eBooks and eResources within MackinVIA to support these projects as ones that prepare 21st century learners for colleges and careers. During this presentation, Katie McNamara and Mesa Heise will teach you about several projects you can bring back to your classroom or library. They will show Web 2.0 tools and online resources with step by step directions on how to recreate them for your students.
This talk was presented at:
National Title I Conference
February 2017 in Long Beach, CA
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Mesa Heise

Mesa has over a decade of experience at Mackin, a company that provides print and digital educational materials to school classrooms and libraries. As Mackin’s Director of Digital Services, Mesa has vast experience helping schools implement digital libraries. Mesa is committed to working with administrators, librarians, media specialists, and teachers as they adopt MackinVIA, Mackin’s free digital resource management system, into their libraries and classrooms. Because of Mesa’s continued efforts to secure partnerships with companies like Merriam-Webster, EasyBib, and ClassLink (just to name a few), MackinVIA has remained a leader in the digital resource industry as an easy-to-use management system that provides students and teachers with the best educational tools and resources. Mesa’s dedication to helping schools acquire all the resources they need to be successful has helped advance education for students worldwide.

Katie McNamara

As a Teacher Librarian, Katie McNamara has had ample experience in connecting her students to the best digital resources and digital resource management available. Katie has helped students and teachers alike maximize the tools available within MackinVIA to be innovative learners and lesson planners, respectively. Katie is passionate about preparing students for 21st century colleges and careers, and she makes a conscious effort to emphasize the importance of responsible digital citizenship in all of her teaching, which ranges from ESL to GATE K-12 students.