Senate HELP Committee working on ESEA

The Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) is working through a set of amendments to the chairman's base bill, S 1094, Strengthening America's Schools Act of 2013.  Most of the amends are passed or rejected on a partyline vote.  

The discussion is very interesting as both sides are seeking to balance federal decision making and impact on high need populations.  Some of the amendments being voted on are expected to be back when the measure comes to the floor of the full Senate.

In Senator Alexander's (R-TN) opening statement he said that the thought that the process should move forward, with votes on amendments and passage in that he expects that many of his ideas will be agreed to in a House-Senate conference.

The tone has been very professional with many discussions on what's being effective, research being quoted and discussed.

It seems as if the chairman is trying to complete the mark-up today - Wednesday June 12th, but getting a quorum is difficult with all of the competing activities, which include floor action on the immigration reform act.