Looking to Senate Appropriations

On July 9th the Senate Subcommittee on Appropriations for the Departments of Labor/Health and Human Services/Education will mark-up the FY 14 spending bill, it will then be taken up by the full Appropriations Committee on July 11th.  By tradition there is not expected to be any amendments at subcommittee meeting and the numbers will not be made public until the full committee meeting.  The allocation the Senate  made to this subcommittee is significantly higher than that of the House.  For the Title I community the key things to watch are what is the balance between Title I funding and programs such as school improvement grants, and Investment in Innovation (I3). Expectations are that the subcommittee will not be proposing a major cut to Title I.

One of the major political subtext to this markup is that the Democrats want to increase pressure on the House Republicans to mark up their spending bill for these same Departments.  Their allocation is down 18.6% which would result in major cuts for almost every program - education, health research, etc.  Currently, the House hasn't scheduled their mark-up but claim that they will be soon.